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Tools and Terms

With the right tools anyone who enjoys cooking can make perfect crêpes. Following is a list of the essential tools crêpe chefs around the world use to make their splendid creations.

Crêpe-making Utensils
Abrasive stone. Chefs use an abrasive pumice stone to clean the griddle without damaging the surface. The stone makes it easy to remove cooking residue from the griddle.
Butter brush. Use a butter brush to apply butter on the surface of the pan. Many chefs prefer lacquered hardwood handles and natural boar bristles.
Batter can or container. Shaped like a teapot, it’s neater than using a spatula. Pour the batter right from the can into the pan.
Butter dish. With a butter dish, crêpe-makers can keep butter on hand for spreading on the pan between crepes.
Cleaning pads. Round cleaning pads are an efficient and hygienic way to clean griddles quickly.
Couteau à crêpes (crêpe knife). See Spatule à crêpes.
Crêpe press. Similar to a tortilla press, a crêpe press has a base, top, and handle, and can be used to form crepes.
Crêpe spreader dish or holder. The dish holds the râteau when it is not in use. The chef may will it with ice or water, making it easy to remove the batter by scraping the spreader on the side of the dish.
Pastry scraper – With a rounded handle and flat rectangular blade, the scraper is the perfect tool for cleaning flour or dough from work surfaces and stoves.
Râteau à crêpes (crêpe spreader). Typically made from beech wood, the crêpe spreader comes in various shapes and sizes. Crepe makers use the râteau to spread the batter thinly over the surface of the griddle or pan.
Spatule à crêpes (crêpe spatula). The blade slides under the batter, and makes easy to flip the crêpe with a twist of the wrist. Made of silicon, beech wood, or stainless steel with a plastic or wooden handle, many chefs prefer the stainless with a wooden handle.
Stainless steel spreader – A more recent tool, it is less commonly used than the beech wood râteau à crêpes.

Commercial Equipment for Cooking Crêpes
Crêpe griddle – Crêpe makers may prefer to use a flat griddle rather than a pan for cooking crêpes.
Crêpe pan – Crêpe pans come in a variety of sizes, materials, and even shapes. The traditional crêpe pan is made of steel, but cast aluminum, copper, stainless, and nonstick all have their devotees.
Electric crêpe machine – An electric crêpe machine has a flat, round griddle on top of a heating element. Used commercially, the machines come in four different configurations according to the number of cast iron plates: single stove, two-stove, three-stove, and four-stove.
Galétoire – A flat, rimless cast iron griddle, this cooker is the predecessor of the modern crêpe machine.
Gas crêpe maker – Just like an electric crêpe maker, but powered by gas.
Industrial crêpe machine – Automatic crepe makers cook the crepes on the surface of a moving drum and carry them along a conveyor. They are used commercially to produce a large quantity of uniform crepes. Raclette grill. A raclette grill has a cooking grill above heating elements. In modern ones, the cooking surface is typically non-stick.
Upside down crêpe pan – Heat the surface of the pan on the stove, then turn the pan over and lightly dip the hot surface into the batter. Turn the pan right side up and set it on the stove to cook. Also comes in an electric version.